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SKF Hand Bearing Puller 14-Piece, 35 – 150mm Capacity, 10.2t Force,

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  • Special separator design allows easy insertion
  • Capacity of 35 mm to 150 mm
  • Supplied with hydraulic spindle with a stroke of 80 mm
  • Hydraulic force of 10.2t

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eZimtech Distributors LTD is a One Stop Shop offering a wide range of products from the following divisions, Electrical Products, Mechanical and Automation, Electronic Components, Medical Equipment, Industrial Tools, and Telecommunications Equipment and Accessories.

The SKF hand bearing back puller is a versatile tool that simplifies bearing dismounting tasks, even in tight spaces. Specifically designed for applications requiring a long reach, this tool features a hydraulic spindle that allows you to exert up to 100 kN of force with minimal effort. The spring-loaded center point ensures easy alignment, while the firm grip behind the bearing’s inner ring reduces the force required for dismounting.

This 14-piece set includes a special separator design that facilitates easy insertion, making the dismounting process more efficient. With a hydraulic force of 10.2 t, it can handle bearings with a capacity ranging from 35 mm to 150 mm and a maximum outer diameter of 215 mm. The set also offers a maximum reach of 120 mm to 816 mm, providing flexibility for various dismounting scenarios.

The set comes complete with a hydraulic spindle featuring an 80 mm stroke, ensuring reliable and precise operation. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly in the automotive and food and beverage industries.

When you purchase this 14-piece set, you will receive a convenient carry case containing all the necessary components. This includes 1 separator set, 2 main rods, 2 x 125 mm extension rods, 4 x 285 mm extension rods, 1 beam, 1 hydraulic spindle, 2 spindle extension pieces, and 1 spindle nosepiece. With this comprehensive set, you have all the tools required to tackle bearing dismounting tasks effectively and efficiently.

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