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Knipex 3 Piece Tool Kit

in stock
  • VDE Approved
  • Combination Plier 180mm, Snipe Nose Cutting Plier 200mm , Diagonal Cutter 160mm
  • Cutting Capacity: Hard: 2.0mm, Medium: 2.8mm, Soft: 4.0mm

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eZimtech Distributors LTD is a One Stop Shop offering a wide range of products from the following divisions, Electrical Products, Mechanical and Automation, Electronic Components, Medical Equipment, Industrial Tools, and Telecommunications Equipment and Accessories.

The Knipex VDE Plier Set 00 20 12 is a comprehensive collection of high-quality VDE pliers designed for electrical work. These pliers feature multi-component grips and have been tested up to 10,000V, ensuring they are safe for use up to 1,000V. They conform to DIN EN / IEC 60900 standards for electrical safety. The slipguard prevents any spark over from the non-insulated head to the hand, adding an extra layer of protection. The chrome-plated heads ensure durability and longevity. The set includes the following pliers:

03 06 180 VDE Combination Plier 180mm: Made from top-quality special tool steel, this plier is forged and oil-hardened for added strength and durability. It features longer cutting edges for thicker cables and gripping zones for flat and round materials. It has a cutting capacity of 2.2mm for hard wire, 3.4mm for medium-hard wire, and 12.0mm for multi-strand wire.

26 16 200 VDE Snipe Nose Cutting Plier 200mm: Constructed from vanadium electric steel and forged, this plier is multi-stage oil-hardened. The long half round jaws are distortion-tolerant and have elastic precision tips and knurled gripping surfaces. It has cutting edges for both medium-hard and hard wire, with the cutting edges induction hardened for added hardness (61 HRC). This plier is ideal for various electrical installation applications. It has a cutting capacity of 2.2mm for hard wire and 3.2mm for medium wire.

70 06 160 VDE Diagonal Cutter 160mm: Featuring a narrow head style for use in confined areas, this plier is forged from vanadium electric steel and multi-stage oil-hardened. The precision cutting edges are induction hardened to approximately 62 HRC, allowing for clean cutting of thin copper wires even at the cutting-edge tips. It has a cutting capacity of 2.0mm for hard wire, 2.8mm for medium wire, and 4.0mm for soft wire.

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