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DEWALT DWST83392-1 1/2 width deep organiser

in stock
  • 261x124x365mm
  • Part of the TOUGHSYSTEM range

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eZimtech Distributors LTD is a One Stop Shop offering a wide range of products from the following divisions, Electrical Products, Mechanical and Automation, Electronic Components, Medical Equipment, Industrial Tools, and Telecommunications Equipment and Accessories.

The DEWALT 83392-1 TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 1/2 Width Deep Organiser Case, specifically the DeWalt DWST83392-1, is an integral part of the upgraded TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 range, offering enhanced durability and functionality in stackable storage solutions. Notable improvements in this range include reinforced metal padlock eyelets, IP65 mold integral seals for weather resistance, sturdier and wider handles for improved grip, increased internal volume, and additional DeWalt branding for added quality assurance. These TOUGHSYSTEM 2.0 cases are fully cross-compatible with the original TOUGHSYSTEM cases, allowing seamless mixing and matching of old and new cases.

This deep organiser is perfect for efficiently organizing small fixings such as nails or screws. It features high-performance weather sealing to protect your valuable contents. The metal wire front latches offer easy and secure closure, and auto stacking latches simplify stacking. With half module compatibility, wider and stronger handles, a metal-reinforced padlock eye, and a name panel insert, this organiser offers both convenience and durability. It also boasts increased depth from 150mm to 165mm, allowing for more storage capacity. Two removable large organiser cups with internal dividers and clear covers make it easy to identify contents. Plus, it remains backwards compatible with TOUGHSYSTEM 1, ensuring versatility in your storage solutions.

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