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DEWALT DCE530N 18v Heat gun

in stock
  • Body only – No battery, charger or case
  • Working temperature: 290 – 530°C
  • Airflow: 109-190 l/min
  • Cardboard box

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eZimtech Distributors LTD is a One Stop Shop offering a wide range of products from the following divisions, Electrical Products, Mechanical and Automation, Electronic Components, Medical Equipment, Industrial Tools, and Telecommunications Equipment and Accessories.

The DEWALT DCE530N 18V XR Heat Gun, available as a body-only unit, is a versatile tool suitable for a range of tasks, including paint stripping and pipe thawing. This heat gun offers a 2-set temperature selector, allowing you to choose between high and low temperature settings to suit specific applications. The lock-on switch ensures continuous operation without the need to hold down the trigger, enhancing comfort during extended use. Side air vents effectively expel hot air, minimizing the risk of over-heating.

With a high setting reaching temperatures of 530°C and a low setting at 290°C, this heat gun offers flexibility for various tasks. Safety is paramount with a trigger featuring a built-in lock-off switch to prevent accidental start-ups during transportation and storage, reducing the risk of thermal accidents. Additionally, a built-in LED light illuminates the workspace, improving visibility in confined or dimly lit areas. The DEWALT DCE530N is fully compatible with all DeWalt 18V XR batteries, making it a valuable addition to your toolkit for efficient and controlled heat applications.

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