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DEWALT DCB547 54v & 18v Flexvolt li-ion battery – 3.0Ah/9.0Ah

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The DeWalt DCB547 XR FLEXVOLT Convertible 18V/54V Lithium-Ion 9.0Ah Battery introduces an innovative battery pack system that can operate at both 18V and 54V, making it the world’s first convertible battery pack of its kind. With a robust 54V 9.0Ah capacity, this battery delivers unmatched power, ensuring your cordless tools perform at their best. What sets it apart is its ability to seamlessly switch to 18V, making it compatible with your existing 18V XR power tools, providing extended runtime without the need to replace your current equipment or charger. The FLEXVOLT range offers a wide selection of high-performance, brushless, and cordless tools that can be powered by either a single 54V FLEXVOLT battery or twin batteries, effectively providing the power of a 108V tool. Despite its power, this DeWalt FLEXVOLT battery maintains the same width and length as an 18V XR battery, with only a slight increase in height, ensuring it won’t be an obstacle during your work. It also includes a transport cap for safe battery transportation, making it a versatile and practical choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

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