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Bahco 17 Piece Tool Kit with Pouch

in stock
  • High-quality service kit
  • C/W Zipper Wallet
  • Suitable for Electricians, Technicians and Engineers

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eZimtech Distributors LTD is a One Stop Shop offering a wide range of products from the following divisions, Electrical Products, Mechanical and Automation, Electronic Components, Medical Equipment, Industrial Tools, and Telecommunications Equipment and Accessories.

The Bahco 17-piece Professional tool kit is a comprehensive set of high-quality general-purpose tools designed for maintenance, repairs, and precision work. It includes a variety of essential tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, an adjustable wrench, a knife, tweezers, and an insulated voltage tester. The screwdrivers offer versatility and precision with their ergonomic handles and different sizes. The pliers and cutters provide excellent gripping and cutting capabilities, while the adjustable wrench ensures flexibility. Additional extras like the knife, tweezers, and insulated voltage tester enhance the kit’s functionality. The tools are conveniently organized in a zipper wallet for easy transportation and storage. This kit is suitable for professionals in various fields, including electricians, technicians, and engineers who require reliable and durable tools for their work.

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